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        My begining with     Racing Pigeons
Up North Combine
4 Combine Winners in a row
Nakina 877 km / Klotz Lake 803 km
Cochrane 543 km / Cartier 334 km
                         CU 13561-15
1st Club Race B03 Cartier by 6:31 min
1st Up North Combine B03 Cartier by 3:59 min
3rd Overall OB03 Cartier 64 Flyers 994 Birds
                          CU 13528-15 (full Sister)
2nd Club Race A09 Cartier lost by 29 sec
12th Up North Combine A09 Carter
23 rd Overall OB08 62 Flyers 703 Birds
Sir: DV6723-13-2963
Dam: NL 1654759-13
                      CU L&D 1018 -14
1st Club Race B08 Cartier
1st Up North Combine B08 Cartier 20 Flyers 218 Birds
1st Overall OB08 Cartier 62 Flyers 703 Birds
Sir: NL 1207706-07  Dam: B 6070925-13
                    CU L&D  1083 2014
           NAKINA  Winner 876km
1st Orillia Club 876km
1st Up North Combine (on the Day)
Sir: NL 4720787-06  Dam:NL 1295928-12
        CU L&D 1103 2014 (25 min out front)
1st Club Race A10 Cochrane 543km 
1st Up North Combine A10 36 Flyers 365 Birds
1st Overall OB10  53 Flyers 563 Birds
Sir: CU 20727-13      Dam: CU  20738-13
             CU 13556 2015 (25 min out front)
On the drop Equal 1st (:01 sec)
2nd Club Race A10 Cochrane 543km 
2nd Up North Combine A10 36 Flyers 365 B
2nd Overall OB10  53 Flyers 563 Birds
Sir: DVO1009-10-289      Dam: NL 1096902-13
                CU 15-13656
1st Club Klotz Late (48 min)
              804 km
1st Up North Combine Klotz Lake
 Sir: CU 488-09   Dam: CU 319-12