sure developed into a excellent looking & Bred
(will have to get new images)
CU 1002-14 9th Mattawa 9th EOC 2014 took the first 10 position in Combine WOW
CU 1033-14 5th North Bay EOC 2014 / 20th Mattawa EOC 2014
CU 13558-15
12th North Bay EOC 2015
17th North Bay EOC 2015
Full Sister BE 6070925-13
Boy did she ever developed WOW
(will have to get new images)
Watch for his off spring next year
Dam to
CU 1018-14...
1st Club Race B08 Cartier
1st Up North Combine B08 Cartier 20 Flyers 218 Birds
1st Overall OB08 Cartier 62 Flyers 703 Birds
4th  Huntsville 47th EOC 2014
6th Temagami 32 EOC 2014 / 241 La Sarre Gold Bond Race 2014
CU 1046-14 12th North Bay EOC 2014