Dam to
CU 13533-15    (Late Bred)
11th Engelhard 36 EOC 2015
13th North Bay 45 EOC
CU 13657-16
8th North Bay D04
36th North Bay CD04 overall
CU 13658-16
24th North Bay C04
29th North Bay CD04 overall
CU 13602-16
3rd North Bay D03 Club
32th North Bay D03 UNC
78th North Bay Overall UNC
CU 16-13692
Late Bred
46th Latchford C07
CU 16-13693
18th Latchford D05 Club
28th Latchford D07 Club
36th North Bay C04 Club
CU 13505-15
Trifecta one loft race
clocked in 205 / 36 /

Race -1- Woodstock West Course 161 Km 161th Lofts 112 / Birds 222
Race - 2-Temagami North Course 346 Km 28th Lofts 112 / Birds 223 (15km Head Wind) (in the Money)
Race - 3-Saint,Jerome,Quebec East Course 300Km
The Harry dynasty by Jan Hooymans is one of the best families in the world. Harry got famous for winning two first prizes and one third prize against thousands of pigeons. In addition, his brothers and sisters also topped the national prize lists several times.

Grandchildren and great-grandchildren of his stock pair Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje have now proved to be excellent racers as well. Both in regular races as in prestigious one loft races they succeeded in achieving top prizes.