The World’s Most Expensive Pigeon Sold for $328,000 to a Chinese Businessman Hu Zhen Yu

                           Dolce Vita or Special Blue - The World's Most Expensive Pigeon

Wealthy Chinese have been snapping up the world’s most expensive sheep, top wines, red Tibetan mastiff and some the world’s most expensive cars. Now they’re adding pigeons to their must-have list. Hu Zhen Yu, a Chinese shipping magnate, paid a record-breaking €250,400 ($328,000) for a Dutch fancy pigeon of the Dolce Vita (Special Blue) breed. Though the trend in China shows that pigeons like these are bought generally for racing, but the Chinese shipping magnet seems to have thought otherwise, and breed it instead. Zhen Yu last year sponsored a pigeon race in Wenzhou that awarded 7 million yuan ($1.1 million) in prize money.

Belgium-based PIPA, short for Pigeon Paradise, said the bird was one of 245 put up for an online auction by Pieter Veenstra of the Dutch village of Drachtstercompagnie. The auction total take of $2.5 million was also a record, PIPA said
       Dolce Vita or Special Blue - The World's Most Expensive Pigeon
            NL 13-1630052
   What an unbelievable purchase
Grandchild to International pigeon Ledgends
Mr.Blue, Founding cock for Veenstra
1.& cock WHZB
Dolce Vita 1,2,4,8, NPO  6x1st Inter National acebird titles plus sold on PIPA  paid a record-breaking €250,400 ($328,000)
          FAMOUSE "HARRY"
                  3 x 1st NPO
1st asduif eendaagse foun 2009 NPO
1st Blois 37728 birds
1st Chateauroux 22340 birds
3rd Chateaudun 21520 birds
6th Morlincourt 4418 birds
WOW what a record holder
First time Breeding 2017 let see what he can do !!!!
NL 13-1630052 is now mated up to one of my best flying HEN
CU 20738-13
Mother to
CU 1103-14
there off spring 2017
Dutch Touch OLR 2017
CU 17- 13444
7th Main Race Houston Lake
525 km    327 miles Very Hot
Temp at Arrivel 31C / 88F
CU 17- 13444
18th A Race ChalkRiver Sept
CU 17-13414
28th C04 North Bay Club 2017
29th C05 Latchford Club 2017
CU 17-13415
9th D06 Englehart Club 2017
29th C04 North Bay Club 2017