The story of my life with pigeons                                      
                                                                                                                                     UPDATED October 2016
The story of my life with pigeons goes back many years but the most important part really starts in 2005. At that time I was the owner of Fenelon Falls Marina and was living on site. As a means of getting away from my business despite being so close I started keeping racing pigeons again and also joined the Lindsay and District Flying Club flying in the Eastern Ontario Combine and the Up North Combine. From the start my wife Marie and I were always on the lookout for ways to improve our flying performances and overall team. It was in 2005 that we met with Tom Powers from England who was living in Canada and had also joined the Lindsay club and an immediate friendship was formed and is still working today. We had many discussions with Tom about our methods and it was decided that using his extensive knowledge of the top performing European families, we would update our stock team.
Gerard Koopman was a name that kept coming up, Tom still had some of his birds in a loft back in the U.K., so we decided to purchase 5 pairs direct from Gerard. To this base we also introduced birds from other fanciers that had used Koopman’s pigeons, the likes of Koen Van Roy and Jacob Poortvliet. These pigeons are world famous for their performances in National racing and the many one loft races that they are entered into around the world.
We have a tradition here of always trying to introduce new young pre-potent stock and this led to the family of De Rauw / Sablon pigeons coming to Fenelon. This family of pigeons have a beauty about them but they can also fly the long end and win. They are an inbred family so the best results can be achieved by using them as an outcross.
More recently birds from Heremans Cuesters and Janssen have been added. Keeping up to date, the latest purchase from Gerard Koopman has the blood of Jan Hooyman’s Harry running through its veins. All of the stock pigeons are kept in individual breeding pens to guarantee the pairings are true.
This is not just a breeding set up but it is also a racing loft. This enables the stock bred here to be truly tested as we would not send out pigeons that we would not be happy to keep ourselves.
In the seasons 2009 and 2010 in partnership with Tom Powers flying these bloodlines we won 46 x 1st in club racing, 39 x 2nd and many other minor positions. In the Combine we also took 6 x 1st. This golden period also bought the win of a car in the Canadian National Auto Band Race.
The Marina was sold and that has meant that very little racing was done in the 2013
and 2014 seasons but the birds are now settled in both the racing loft and breeding pens at their new location.
2015 new acquisition of 5 pair of the new superstar of Holland
 Jan Hooymans (Harry's bloodline ) to our loft
The Harry blood line has been crossed into major players Best breeders
Gerald Koopman / Pieter Veenstra / Leo Heremans / D & L van Dyck
We have taken the opportunity to purchase some of these unique breeding from the best of the best
See for yourself, click on Jan Hooymans and see our new acquisitions.
2015 Old bird series
We have settled into our new location the old birds have had their first full season in the new location and new loft plus new club.
Overall we had a good old bird season
3x1 Club Wins.    3x1 Combine Wins
4x2 Club.              1x2 Combine
4x3 Club.              1x3 Combine
5x4 Club.              3x4 Combine
(Eastern Ontario Combine)
Young Birds
Overall we had a sad young bird season
3x1 Club Wins.    Combine Wins
2x2Club.              2x2 Combine
4x3 Club.              1x3 Combine
3x4 Club.              1x4 Combine
(Eastern Ontario Combine)
Lift Lock Club Young Bird Average Speed
1st Place Derick Schleifer
2nd Place Marie Schleifer
Lift Lock Club Young Bird Champion
1st Place Derick Schleifer
3rd Place Marie Schleifer
Lift Lock Club Champion Young Bird
2nd Place Marie Schleifer CU 15-13666
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There is A old saying.....if your not WINNING you have lots of friends in the Club.......
If you do well....they want you out.....!!!
Guest what
They threw Marie under the bus !!!
If you want to try and emulate these top performances then you can do no worse than come and look at what we have on offer.
There could be serious consequences !!! 

2016 Old bird series
We have settled into our new club (Orillia Pigeon Club)
Flying with Up North Combine (Largest in Ontario)
WOW what A Fantastic "START"  with the old bird season
Club Wins.    Combine Wins
       7 Over All Combine Wins & Club
"A" Race Long Average Speed
"A" Races OVERALL Average Speed
Plaque 2016

UNC B03 Cartier 1st

UNC A08 Nakina 876Km  1st 

UNC B08 Cartier 334Km  1st

UNC OB08 Cartier 334Km  1st

UNC A10 Cochrane 543Km  1st

UNC OB10 Cochrane 543Km 1st

UNC A11 Klotz Lake 804Km  1st

Plaque Nakina & Cochrane & Klotz Lake
Plaque Cartier B03 & Cartier B06
Young Birds
Overall we had a sad young bird season
Sent out our first complete round to OLR
this left us only with our second late youngster
mated up late May 1 2016