CU L&D 1018-14
1st Club Race B08 Cartier
1st Up North Combine B08 Cartier 20 Flyers 218 Birds
1st Overall OB08 Cartier 62 Flyers 703 Birds
4th Huntsville 47th EOC 2014
6th Temagami 32 EOC 2014
7th Temagami 13 EOC 2015
11th club Cochrane 542km
35th A07 UNC 2016
46th overall OB07 63 Flyers 800 Birds
29th Mattawa EOC 2015
241 La Sarre Gold Bond Race 2014
44th North Bay  UNC 2016
Remember 1018 is on the race team
We take 1 or 2 youngsters of before
the race season starts
Sir: to the following
CU 16782-15
5th Matheson EOC Band Race
21 Powassan EOC 2015
14th Englehart EOC 2015
15th Matheson 27th EOC
19th LLC 2015 Champion YB
CU 13633-16

1st Latchford Club
1st Latchford UNC B06 2017
3rd Latchford UNC OB06 2017
5th North Bay D04 Club
18th North Bay CD04 overall
20th Latchford C07 Club
21th Englehart C06 Club
30th Latchford C07 Club
34th Latchford C05 Club
CU 13632-16
9th North Bay D03 Club
10th Latchford D07 Club
11th Englehart D06 Club
24th North Bay D04 Club
32th Latchford C05 Club
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