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2014 Holland & Belgium
 Fugare Pigeon Show
2015 England plus Holland & Belgium Trip
Spring Exchange Show
                      Stock Loft
                  Race Loft
          Loft 2015
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        My begining with     Racing Pigeons
2016 Up North Combine
4 Combine Winners in a row
Nakina 877 km / Klotz Lake 803 km
Cochrane 543 km / Cartier 334 km
    Massive Winners     

The amazing performances of these family of birds have been tested and proven winners on big time One Loft Races in North America, Canada, particularly at Big Andy's One Loft Race Challenge 2017, 2018 plus Dutch Touch International 2017, 2018

IN THE $$$ Money

     2017 Big Andy's International OLR
 9th place goes to the first Canadian Birds 
                Marie Schleifer
                     CU 16-13748
Nest Mate CU 16-13749 was 64th
Average speed placed 21st
          CU 16-13748 was 76th
2017 Big Andy's International OLR
          11th by Derick Schleifer
                    CU 16-13760
Click on Band # in blue for pedigree
2017 Big Andy's International OLR
                  111th by Derick Schleifer
                       CU 16-13772
     Click on Band # in blue for pedigree
2017 Big Andy's International OLR
            123 rd by Marie Schleifer
              CU 1613687                        
                      88th Race #2 
               150 miles/242Km
                   2017 Dutch Touch OLR
This amazing performance does it again
Main Race Houston Lake Camp 525 km/327m
                  Temp at Arrival: 31C/88F° 
7th CU 13444-17              35th CU 13426-17
                          in the money
51st CU 13420-17             53 rd CU 13427-17
  One Loft Races
Club & Combine Winners
       Big Andy's International One Loft Challenge 2017
                   #4 April 01-2017 BIG FINAL RACE 350 miles
                          CU 16-13748 (SOLD ON PIPA 2018)
                             9th place 2017 350 miles/564 Km (First Canadian)
                                         PLUS nest mate                                      
                                       CU 16-13749
                                       65th place 2017 350 miles/564 Km
                             Big Andys AVERAGE SPEED
                                       21th over All
      2018 England Trip
       Black Pool Show
  2018 Gala Day Pigeon Show
         Vegas Baby
Big Andy's International One Loft Challenge 2017
WOW !!! 3rd & 7th Place Winner !!!!
                                      #1 Feb 18-2018  1#  RACE 150 miles 180 Lofts 727 Birds
                                                           CU 17-13479
                                    3rd Place 150 miles / 242 Km (in the MONEY)
                                                          CU 17-13474
                                     7th Place 150 miles / 242 Km (in the MONEY)
                                                           CU 17-13581
                                      23rd Place 150 miles / 242 Km
  Big Andy's International One Loft Challenge 2018
                                      3rd March -2018  3rd & THE FINAL BIG RACE
                           RACE 368 miles 169 Lofts 559 Birds (Best of the Best)
              WOW !!! 2nd Place Winner !!!!
                      $20,000 US plus
Schleifer bird (13577-CU17-CRPU) arrived home
with another pigeon to clock 1 & 2nd against 169 lofts and 559 birds. 
Sadly the Canadian bird went through the trap 2nd and only won $20,000
instead of the $50,000 the 1st bird will get.  The 3rd bird to arrive
was 20 minutes later. 
                Last year in the FINAL Big Race 2017 we were 9th  and 11th
                  Thanks Andy and Family for another Great Race
                         We Will See You Next Year Again
Three More in The Money !!!
43 rd place Panthersville GA CU 17-13482
44 rd place Panthersville GA CU 17-13474
81  place Panthersville GA    CU 17-13572
Big Andy's International One Loft Challenge 2018
Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Dear Friends : Well as I said before “it’s not over until the fat lady sings” and she sang loud and clear last Saturday. The race from Panthersville, Ga. Was 368 miles or 592.237 KM and 559 birds were shipped to this final race with 425 birds clocked to date.

We had wanted the race to test the birds with possibly 7 hours on the wing and I believe that the birds were on the wing for about 6.5 hours. The weather at release was clear with the temperature at the time of release of about 39 degrees and about 59 degrees on arrival.

Greg Steven of Utah scored 1st at a blistering speed of 1737.409 ypm. followed by Canadian Marie Schleifer at 1718.569 ypm. Interesting to note that Greg Steven ‘s winner also scored 1st Overall as regards the Average speed and I found it interesting to note that Marie Schleifers second place bird was 210th overall as regards the Average Speed results.

Congratulations to all the fliers who placed birds in the top 100.
 Dutch Touch International One Loft Race 2018
WOW !!! ANOTHER 2nd Place Winner !!!!
           Main Race September 23-2018
        338.411 Miles / 544.618 Kilometers
             Marie Schleifer 13103-CU18
    Winning 2nd Place (beat by 40 seconds)
              In the Money Again !!!
                                           Click on Band # for Pedigree
                2nd Place Winner
         $20,000 US 
          Big Andy's OLR
    SOLD on PIPA    Pigeon Paradise Belgum
              Click on Band # for Pedigree
12748-CU-17 CRPU
Big Andy's OLR
in the Money $$$
          9th place 2017 350 miles/564 Km
    (First Canadian)
        CU 16-13748 (SOLD ON PIPA 2018)
                Click on Band # for Pedigree

 CU 13103-18

2nd Place Winner



Click on Band # for Pedigree
Young Bird
11 Y.B. Race Season
only Flew 6 Races
West Section EOC
22W Mattawa 2nd & 4th & 6th Place 28 Flyers 763 Birds
23W Corbeil 3rd & 9th Place 17 Flyers 321 Birds
24A Fabre 6th & 10th Place 31 Flyers 353 Birds
25A Temiscaming 1st & 3 & 4 & 9 & 10 Place 25 Flyers 298 Birds
26A Ville-Marie 12th Place 25 Flyers 214 Birds
27A Temiscaming 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,7th Place 21 Flyers 165 Birds
Only Combine Results No club
Stop for the rest of the season
      Car Winning Story
B07 Smooth Rock 2, 3, 4, 11, 14,
A09 North Bay 1st, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 
A10 Hearst 5, 8, 15
Short season
Only Combine Results no club
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